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A.D. Odom

I can go on or off about many things and I'll post some of my rants here.  I was one of those weird souls throughout high school and college, I love doing research papers.  My "weirdness" continues today as I often find a subject of interest to me and research it to death.  I probably should have continued on to law school. 
Since some of my writing can be quite graphic, explicit, or blantantly honest as I have been accused, if it goes to the "R," "X," or "XXX" rating, I will certainly warn you.

On Being A Lesbian

This is the third installment to the article entitled Bad Men and Stupid Women I wrote some years ago.  Again, it's R rated and pulls no punches. 

Bad Men and Stupid Women

Bad Men and Stupid Women is an essay I wrote a couple of years ago after listening to a friend go off on men.  I made a statement to my friend and asked her if she really liked men, did she prefer a dog instead or maybe, just maybe she really liked women.  This is written in true ADO form, blatant, honest, and pulls no punches.  If I were to rate this article, I'll say it is Rated R.

Dear Daddy -- A One Act Play In Prose

Dear Daddy is a rather cathartic piece I wrote to find closure for my father's death.  Along with this piece is music and songs I wrote and composed for it.  I wish I could upload the music but the files are too big in their present form. 
I was unable to mourn my father's death because I was too young to understand death meant forever.  Hindsight being 20/20, I think I knew somewhere in my psyche I would face death in an up close and personal way again, and I did, in 2001, 2002 and 2003.  This cathartic journey helped me understand the yen and yang of life:  there is always a beginning and there is always an ending -- nothing lasts forever.  Yesterday is a dream of the past and tomorrow is the dream of the future.  We only have this moment, we only have today.