Sistah Summerfest 2003
                June 6-8, 2003
An Event for Womyn of all Ages,
                               Lifestyles and Persuasions



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Thank you all for your support of the film Venus Boyz For more info on upcoming festivals please check out the Venus Boyz website at

Venus Boyz is A FILM JOURNEY THROUGH A UNIVERSE OF FEMALE MASCULINITY. Women become men- some for a night, others for their whole lives. Masculinity and transformance as performance, subversion and existential necessity. An intimate film about people who create intermediate sexual identities.

With Dréd Gerestant, Diane Torr, Del LaGrace Volcano, Bridge Markland, Storme Webber, Mo Fischer, Queen Bee Luscious, Mistress Formika, Dee Finley, Martina Meijer Torr, Marcel Meijer, Shelly Mars, Philly Abe, Hans Scheirl, Svar Simpson, Simo Maronati, Judith Halberstam /

Get your tickets if you are in any of the screening areas :) and tell your friends -Venus Boyz is a beautiful and powerful film that needs all our support :)


Contact:  Dred Gerestant
web site:
voicemail/hotline: 1-212-946-4475


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Venus Boyz

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