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May 14, 2006

Mz Fontaine

Posted at May 14, 2006 05:43 PM in Mz Fontaine .

db_db_MF_white0111.jpgMz Fontaine is one of the stars of a new wave of rap and hip-hop being created by proud young queers. With a critically acclaimed album under her belt, performances at high profile gay community events and collaborations with artists in the UK and the US, Mz Fontaine is one to watch. What’s more she’s singing at the Brighton launch of GaydarGirls on 4 March!

Whether she’s singing or rapping, Mz Fontaine addresses her sexuality in her work in a fabulously upfront manner. You only have to listen to her reworking of the Missy Elliott track, ‘Pass Dat Crotch’, to know that this woman spares no blushes!

An original member of the gay hip-hop collective QFam, Mz Fontaine dropped by to tell us all about life, the universe and everything.

How do you find the guts to be so open about yourself when you put yourself out there and perform?
This isn’t hard for me. I’m very open and have been since I found myself and became happy and comfortable in my own skin as a young black and proud lesbian. So when I’m interviewed or asked to perform at non-gay events, I let them know that I am who I am and I speak for me and my LGBT community - therefore letting them know that my music and lyrical content is perhaps not what they might expect!

We live in a diverse society and we are all individuals; not everyone lives or leads the same life. I am out there rappin’ for my people and to let the music industry know that Mz Fontaine is here, she’s queer, she has a lot to say in her own words and that a life reflected in her eyes is what she writes about. [Source: Rainbow Network]

“I remember since the age of two or three, he (Fontaine’s dearly departed father) wanted me to be in music, modelling and even a ballerina, now; can you see Mz Fontaine dressed in a tutu?” - g3 magazine Feb. 2006

ifsumday2_Bling1.jpgThe best phrase to describe Mz Fontaine’s performance “is a shining light” which gently ignites the audience from a small cosy glow into an intensely liberating explosion of energy. It is hard to believe that this young star is the same person who once claimed of having stage fright.

“Her second home really is the stage; it may even be her first.” - Autobiographer

In addition to being an artist, Mz Fontaine is also a business entrepreneur having founded an independent Label “Fondation Entertainment” catering for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) artistes in 2001. Now in 2006, this is housed under the “Fondation Group of Companies“.

When she’s not performing, Fontaine can always be found behind her computer - “My computer is my life and the label is my platform.” [Read More]



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