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About FemmeNoir

FemmeNoir is about community and bringing that community closer to other lesbians of color. Whether you live in North America, South America, Africa, the United Kingdom, anywhere in the world, you can find information about our lifestyles and culture via FemmeNoir.

A labor of love, which has grown into a mission to teach, empower, and to share the wonder of our loves and our lives.

FemmeNoir is about community and bringing that community closer to other lesbians of color. Whether you live in North America, South America, Africa, the United Kingdom, anywhere in the world, you can find information about our lifestyles and culture via FemmeNoir.

Though FemmeNoir's content is geared primarily toward lesbians of color, we also introduce you to non-lesbian identified women of color who serve as positive role models in our communities and our content will provide information we can use as women, such as gardening, home life, cooking, finances, fashion and sports.

FemmeNoir is designed to build self-esteem through our history and culture; to encourage a more powerful self-concept via the bridge called our sisters backs who are "doing it" in the communities; and to provide a platform for lesbians of color to express themselves at a time when information truly is power on this information superhighway.

It is FemmeNoir's ambitious hope to bring information and the ability to communicate with one another as close as your desktop. FemmeNoir serves as a portal to other sites of interest to lesbians of color. In addition, we will provide original content pertaining to our community, our loves, our lives, our music, our theater, our films, our publications, and our culture. Welcome to FemmeNoir, you are home.

FemmeNoir is dedicated to the honor and memory of Christine Adams Tripp, J.D. and was established to continue her legacy and to her dedication and tireless work for Gays & Lesbians of Color.

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