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Lesbian Horoscopes

Stephanie is a Leo, born July 24, 1970. She is an exotic mix of West Indian, Cherokee Indian, English, Welsh, Italian and Egyptian. Being born a Protestant, she went to (Catholic) private schools and later converted to Catholicism. Upon her adolescence, she embarked upon a journey of understanding the plethora of religions within her family history and now encompasses an eclectic combination of all of them.


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April 02, 2006

Lesbian Horoscopes For April 2006

Posted at April 2, 2006 10:21 AM in April 2006 .

By Stephanie Adams

(March 21-April 20)
You are in a better position than most, yet somehow you feel as if some sort of misfortune is about to take place. Ask yourself why you feel they way you do and eliminate what bothers you most. Eventually, the negativity will dissipate.

(April 21-May 21)
No one can give you something you already have. Be sure to give yourself what you need before you expect others to give it to you. Take care of yourself. Be good to yourself. Love yourself?and others will love you too.

(May 22-June 21)
Strength will come because it is essentially what you require. You will not have to stand with anyone else. Your presence will inevitably be known as you clearly stand alone?Take a stand and do not let anyone stand in your way.

(June 22-July 23)
Calm down. You allow yourself to get overly extended emotionally, which only causes you unnecessary heartache. Nothing is as bad as it seems?You are just going through a bad phase. This too shall pass?

(July 24-August 22)
You might not be your happiest within your present surroundings, but you are aware of the fact that you are in a better position than most. Eventually, you will move on, but at least you know that now is not the time to do so.

(August 23-September 23)
At a complete loss? No, you?re not?Stop acting as if it?s the end of the world, when it just might be the start of a wonderful new beginning for you. Life is what you make out of it?not what you think you deserve from it.

(September 24-October 23)
Looking back, you will see how destructive you had become. Are you finally willing to accept full responsibility for your actions? There?s nothing wring with being wrong, as long as you make an effort to be a better person as a result of it.

(October 24-November 22)
Stop wasting time dwelling upon recent emotions and decisions, because you will only end up pondering foolishly. Focus primarily on where your head should be now and you will no longer ache for people and things that are not good for you.

(November 23-December 21)
Present yourself completely and honestly. Others will have to either accept you for who you are or reject you from their personal realm. You have nothing to lose as long as you are aware of what you already have. Confidence provides security.

(December 22-January 20)
You have been through so much lately, yet you have a certain part of you that seems untainted by the disturbing dilemmas. Good for you! Do not allow anything or anyone to break your spirit. So many wonderful times are indeed ahead of you?

(January 21-February 19)
Do not feel as if you are at a loss, because things could always be worse. Take a look around you and you will see that others do not have it so easy either. Stop taking what you have for granted and start using it to your benefit.

(February 20-March 20)
Life is filled with goodness and surprises. Accept the goodness that comes your way, and enjoy the wonderful surprises that come along as well. Nothing can beat the feeling of gratification except love. Share the moment with a dear loved one?


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