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June 08, 2006

Federal Marriage Amendment Defeated

Posted at June 8, 2006 12:04 AM in Zuna Institute .

Zuna.gifFEDERAL MARRIAGE AMENDMENT DEFEATED by a vote of 49 to 48, the U.S. Senate today rejected an effort to end debate and proceed to a vote on a proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage federally and for every state as only between a man and a woman. Sixty votes were required to proceed, and 67 votes would have been required on a vote on the merits. Two years ago, a similar amendment failed at the same stage by a vote of 48 to 50. No senator who voted against a similar motion in 2004 changed his or her vote today, and Republican Senators Specter and Gregg moved to oppose it.

Statement from the Executive Director

Today was a victory for the LGBT community. It demonstrates that our election officials believe in equality, fairness, and nondiscrimination. Our opponents were not able to sway a single senator, despite the multi-million dollar spending campaign, and the Republican pressure. We hope this the beginning of a new day to grant equality and fairness for the LGBT community. Although we know we still have work to do. This was a great Victory. I want to thank everyone for your immediate attention by writing your Senators and telling them to vote against the Federal Marriage Amendment. This is what I call the power of the people. Thank You!!!

Francine Ramsey
Executive Director Zuna Institute

About Zuna Institute

Zuna Institute is a national advocacy organization for Black Lesbians that exist to raise awareness about the health, economic and social justice needs of Black Lesbians. Through community organization, training, and networking, Zuna Institute developed a national advocacy platform to communicate the identified priorities and needs of Black Lesbians nationally.


Zuna Institute
Public Relations
phone: 916-419-5075


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