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January 23, 2006

No They Didn't Go There

Posted at January 23, 2006 12:38 PM in Politics .

CondoleezzariceI will concede Condi is a bit abrupt, might be out of touch with reality, and can be – at best – a little over the top with her choice of words sometimes, i.e., "Punish France, ignore Germany, and forgive Russia" or this tasty little treat, "We need a common enemy to unite us." Right.

However, I do not believe a professional woman – though I may not agree with her politics – is worthy of sinking so low in the cesspool of sexist remarks to warrant the following from Pravda columnist Stepan Korolev and a later quote from Vladimir Zhirinovsky: 

Condoleezza Rice is not a woman; she is a function. No wonder she is still a Ms, not Mrs.

The mother of all iron ladies, Margaret Thatcher, was a family woman. Politics and nothing but politics has become the family life of Condoleezza Rice. Who on Earth will agree to build a relationship with a woman, who is ready to stand up and fight at any moment?  [He don't know nothing about sistah's do he?] Ms. Rice looks good for her profession indeed, but she has already celebrated her 50th birthday. Lonely women usually become resentful and unrestrained at this age.


Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a notorious Russian politician, the leader of the Liberal and Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) gave Pravda.Ru the following comments regarding Ms. Rice's statement on the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine.

"Condoleezza Rice is a very cruel, offended woman who lacks men's attention. She needs to be taken to a company of soldiers and it would be just fine. Releasing such stupid remarks gives her the feeling of being fulfilled. This is the only way for her to attract men's attention. The States needs to practice the old Soviet tradition when both single women and single men were not allowed to take responsible state positions," Zhirinovsky said.

uhmmm, let's see, am I hearing "barefoot and in kitchen" ringing in my ears? And what is that other little dig about "The States needs to practice the old Soviet tradition when both single women and single men were not allowed to take responsible state positions." Oh, you need to be married with, or without children, in order to take on responsible positions?  We single folks are just too stupid to lead anything aren't we?  And where does one go to find a certain "company of soldiers" for those men who may venture out of bounds? 

America is looking pretty good right now, or at least, Russia certainly is not.


umnn, Condi Scares Me; but you are right. I thought Aaron McGruder was out of bounds when he suggested that she needed a man and other more subtle inferences...but what was wrote in the Russian press was nothing compared to what was writte about her in the Chinese press. This is why I say that in one shot I feel for her and she scares me.

Posted by denise at January 24, 2006 07:13 AM

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