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July 2005

Sunday 3 July

  • Serafemme 2005 (09:07) - See Video This was a historic event for Black lesbians. Sistahs performed for sistahs and the event was organized and arranged by Sistahs, Marquita Thomas of Out & About and Hanifah Walidah, a sistah from New York who has... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • The State of Black LGBT America (07:59) - Photo Right: Credit: A.D. Odom Members of the NBJC Left to Right: Dr. Sylvia Rhue, Religious Affairs; Donna Payne, Board Member; Alexander Robinson, Executive Director & CEO; and Jasmyne Cannick, Board Member Video From The Discussion This was a thought... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments