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Sharon Bridgforth
"bull­jean" available on CD

Blacklines -- Aug. 1999

And the Lammy goes to ... writer sharon bridgforth and publisher Lisa Moore/RedBone Press for the bull­jean stories! The book that won the 1999 Lambda Literary Award for Best Small Press can now be heard on CD. bridgforth captivated and delighted Chicago"s Black lesbian community when Affinity sponsored a reading by her earlier this year. ´with the bull­jean stories i wanted to celebrate the rural/southern working­class Black bulldaggas/who were aunty­ momma­ sister­friend/ pillars of the church always been a working part of the community/giving fierce Love with fineness,´ bridgforth said. ´the songs of my childhood/the laughter/the gift of tale­telling/the food that my elders gave me are integral parts of who i am. though i can"t dictate their particular words i do understand that the voice of the bull­jean stories belongs to them. these are the stories they didn"t tell me the ones i needed most. bull­ jean is the butch/southern/poet/warrior wo"mn hero i wish i"d known,´ bridgforth said.

The bull­jean CD was created because both bridgforth and Moore were often told what a difference was made in the enjoyment of bull­jean when heard aloud. ´Bull­dagger stories beg to be heard aloud,´ was written in a review in Southern Voice, a weekly publication. And the rest is history, as they say.

The bull­jean CD is a family affair. bridgforth reads (No! She performs), her daughter sings and Moore"s father (who is a professional musician, usually playing the blues) plays guitar on the CD.

Many Chicagoans remember the Mountain Moving Coffeehouse Black Herstory presentation of the bull­jean stories performed by several well­known community members–C.C. Carter, Donna Rose, Rhonda Bedgood and on and on. ´I"m still talking about and giggling about that performance,´ bridgforth told BLACKlines. ´I loved it!´ she said.

Bridgforth is currently presenting bull­jean most of the time. However, she also does some residency work, presents workshops and has started the Institute for Radical Poets for young adults to help them find their voice and present themselves. She will be performing for two days at the Michigan Womyn"s Music Festival Acoustic Stage along with C.C. Carter.

Moore has changed her thesis to one related to the oral herstories of older Black lesbians. She is also working on a Black lesbian and gay religion and spirituality book as well as one on parents and friends of lesbians and gays.

The CD the bull­jean stories is only available through RedBone Press or at specific events. To order call RedBone Press at (202) 667-0392 or fax at (202) 667-0393. Send checks or money orders to P.O. Box 15571, Washington, DC 20003. CDs cost $12.99 and shipping is $3.20 (priority mail). You can also order the book directly from Redbone Press at .

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