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WHO IS SHE?  -- Dr. Margaret Burroughs:  Artist, educator and institution-builder, Dr. Margaret Burroughs was born on November 1, 1917 in Saint Rose, Louisiana. Dr. Burroughs has always been dedicated to the Arts and history. After earning a teacher's certificate in 1937, Dr. Burroughs founded the South Side Community Arts Center, which 60 years after its formation, remains a community organization that serves as a gallery and workshop for African American artists and students. In 1964, Dr. Burroughs and her husband, Charles founded the DuSable Museum of African American History, an internationally recognized resource for African American art, culture and history. She is also founder of the National Conference of Artists.

IN THE KITCHEN  The traditional Brazilian recipes still in use today are derived from three main sources: the Indian, the African and the Portuguese.  The African contributed heavily to the foods, particularly in Bahia, where many Africans are located. The Africans came as slaves and therefore adapted what was in Brazil to their ways. Some of the African products brought to Brazil were dende oil, hot peppers, coconut and coconut milk. Some of the well known African dishes are vatapa, xinxim, quindim, moqueca and cocada.

HOME & GARDEN -- Bougainvillea -- Spectacular Vines for Hot, Sunny Gardens (Bougainvillea spectabilis) -- I often refer to my little boogie and my neighbor’s, as the “Bougainvilleas From Hell,” because the vines can and will extend over fences, up trees, down driveways and, in the case of my neighbor's boogie, up his tall Deodar Cedar. 

This year, I got a pleasant surprise when my Seafoam boogie (better known for its showy clusters of white bracts which blush pink in the springtime), developed a vine of red bracts.

HEALTH & FITNESS:    Special Health Note: Be Aware! Know the Symptoms, Risk Factors of Ovarian Cancer from the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance The American Cancer Society estimates 23,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year and 14,000 women will die, making ovarian cancer the deadliest of the gynecologic cancers. Raising awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms is crucial in decreasing these startling statistics.

SPORTS CENTER:  A Walk to Wellness:  Boston Black Women’s Health Initiative encourages women to get in shape, eat healthy and stay motivated.  Don’t be surprised if you start to notice more and more women power walking along the streets of Boston. No, these women aren’t refusing to use motor transportation. Rather, it may be that they are part of the Boston Black Women’s Health Initiative (BBWHI) Well Women Project. The walking component, known as the Sister Strut program, encourages women to experience the benefits of exercise through group walking sessions and enjoy the rewards that come with leading a healthy lifestyle. [Women's Sports Foundation]

PERSONAL FINANCE:  Live Your Best Life - Tips and Do's and don'ts on working from home.

FASHION SENSE:  -- Maurice Malone -- Detroit-born, self-taught designer Maurice Malone has created a multimillion dollar company that expanded from hip-hop sportswear into sophisticated, refined tailored clothing for men. His first collection was founded in 1984. “This season, I am showing the men’s and women’s together for the first time in a more interactive way. Because this is the last collection before the millennium, it is an important time for a very personal viewpoint that links one’s past with one’s future.”

BUSINESS:  African American Businesswomen
Face Double Jeopardy --
Maisah B. Robinson, Ph.D. (Premyier) --
Though firms have been implementing programs to improve diversity in the workplace, recent evidence indicates that race and gender barriers still exist, to a large degree, in terms of advancement at higher level positions. The Fortune marketing Report (1996) indicated that 97% of senior managers in Fortune 1000 and 500 companies were white and male. These findings seem to suggest that both a racial and gender limitation may exist for African-American females with respect to career growth.

TECHNOLOGY:  Broadband Has Arrived (PC Magazine)
By Michael J. Miller  --
A year ago, about half of the PC Magazine subscribers we studied said they used broadband. Today, two-thirds of our subscribers report that they use it. 42 percent of you have cable modems, another 21 percent have DSL connections, and 3 percent have other connections faster than dial-up—satellite, ISDN, or fixed-point wireless. Of the folks who have broadband, 42 percent have had it for two years or more, while 26 percent have gotten it in the past year. 23 percent of broadband users have tried out more than one service provider, often because either they moved or their previous providers went out of business. Others switched because they could get more speed or better customer service.

LET'S TALK ABOUT . . .    Hear the Erotic

TRAVEL:  Check out accommodations, cruises, retreats and rafting trips for women from Olivia Travel, Pizzazz Productions, Casitas Laquita, Dmitri's, and more. 



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