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Marla Glen

Editor's Note:  Much of the information presented here about Marla Glen was found through German newspaper or magazine articles and websites.  Though I had two years of German, it is about as butchered as my four years of French.  Please forgive any misses found on this page.  Marla Glen is a worthy Leader & Legend who has certainly earned her stripes in the music industry.  I did not want to exclude her because of my broken German -- AD Odom

"They all stared as if I was a freak of nature", remembers Marla Glen of her first public appearance.  At the tender age of 15, she was in the famous Chicago club, Kingston Mines. After her harmonica entrance, few asked themselves whether this was a young woman.  

Her first album "This Is Marla Glen" went platinum, selling more than 570,000 copies in Germany alone.  Her second album "Love and Respect," went gold and her success continued problem-free.  Since then, Marla Glen tours on the international live stages regularly. 

The appearance of her third CD "Our World" was for her a musical high point. Before she produced album 5, she submitted, for the first time, a Greatest hits coupling with all of her hits from "The Cost OF Freedom" with "Best OF Marla Glen" over "Believer" to "Hot Love", which she presented in the summer 1999 at different international Festivals.

Marla Glen

Arising from her body comes a voice, which is hardly to be overlooked with regard to strength and intensity and her soft, Garbo deep Vibrato causes tingles/swarms under the skin. Marla Glen's voice coins/shapes and improves each song.  She articulates the pain of the homeless, and the lack of prosperity of those who live in the ghetto.  She also sings of her life. 

Raised on Chicago's Southside, she took fate into her own hands at 18 and traveled to Detroit.  At 22, she moved to New York.  She struggled with unemployment and took on odd jobs working on buildings.  She began writing and composing music, playing the guitar and harmonica, eventually winning a music competition in New Orleans. The price of this contest: participating in a Blues Festival in Paris; where she lived for a time.

With her unbelievable deep voice she fascinates the public. Tie, shirt, trousers and hat are her brands. She swings and rocks across the stage, accompanied by outstanding musicians.  Her songs are rarely cheerful and unencumbered.  Frequently she sings of abuse and exploitation.

"Good evening, I'm Marla," she says when she comes onstage. There is laughter. The joke is - Pascal says - the discovery of a connection between two removed points. Many seem unable to believe she is this way -- that her deep voice is genuine.  If she were white, she could be Tom WAITS. 

NächstesOne would also think Muddy Waters, Nina Simone and Wilson Pickett were all wrapped into the sounds of Marla Glen.  Her deep, rough and passionate voice made Marla Glen a star in short time.

Singing was always in her, but only after years of service for stars such as Bo Didley or Nina Simone, for which she was cook and girl for everything.  The music offered a safe way for her to be able to communicate.  Most of her songs are self-written.  Marla does not only want to maintain, but she takes positions on sociopolitical topics as well. "for me, I probably would have become a troublemaker, and constantly in trouble with the law, if I had not developed another form of protest."

Her performances and music has had a great impact on her career in the cinema and in TV spots for large clothing stores, which supported a rapid course of travel for her song "This world".  As for the ascent into the upper star category, her concerts are always sold out because "the Glen" maintains close contact with her audience at each show.

This American in Paris has put out three CDs so far.  After her debut CD "This is
Marla Glen" and the album "Love and Respect" followed by the CD "Our World", which she mixed her own melancholy blues and soul for the first time and also added high polish radio and reggae elements.

Unfortunately, on the high point of her success, the rainbow press cannibalized wild rumors around
Marla Glen up to the point of embarrassment.  People no longer concerned themselves with her music -- it was her dress -- which was and is grossly misunderstood.  As a result, Marla fell away from her music for a time.  Now, she lives in Heilbronn and is developing her career with German friends again. Again, she's taking matters into her own hands, and no doubt: her comeback will succeed!  We look forward to her grooving and moving again.


Contact Information:

Marla Glen

Postfach 18 14
74008 Heilbronn

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Best of Marla Glen

Love And Respect

Our World

Crazy World [MAXI-CD]

It's A Man's Man's Man's World


Song Samples

It's A Man, Man, Man's World

From The CD Our World

Hot Love

Real Love



Time Is Faster

We Need Each

From The CD Love And Respect

City Love

Other Plans

Not Really Easy

From The Best Of CD


It's A Man's Man's

Man's World

Ain't That A Shame

Not Really Easy

Center Of A Star

Also Love You

Love And Respect ©2001

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