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Laurinda Brown: Following Her Passion

"When you do what your passion is -- your passion being what God gave you the zest and talent to do -- the rest falls into place." -- Laurinda Brown

“Laurinda Brown’s poignant tales of everyday life in both the heterosexual and homosexual communities are definitely stories that we want to keep coming.” - Sable Magazine

A native of Memphis, TN, and a graduate of Howard University’s English Department, Laurinda believes in divine destiny. Saying, “It was time for me to do what God put me here to do,” she turned her back on corporate America in order to complete the book that she knew was inside her. That book evolved into a four-year labor of love that she eventually entitled UnderCover.

A full-time grant and policy writer who currently resides with her two daughters in Hampton Roads, Virginia, Laurinda D. Brown writes about life…not lifestyles. 


Her new book, UnderCover, alternates between Memphis, TN and Paris, France UnderCover is two stories told in one book from the imagination of a writer who feels the reader should be educated as well as entertained. The reader learns about AIDS, its transmission, and how it affects children. Through this story the reader also witnesses the consequences of keeping secrets and living life on the DL (down low) while peering into the lives of people they will come to view as real in spite of the fact that they are merely characters in the novel.

Because one of the integral storylines in UnderCover deals with such a serious subject matter, an informational page from Washington, DC’s Whitman-Walker Clinic, Inc. has been included at the end of the book. Whitman-Walker Clinic, Inc. is one of the country’s foremost authorities on AIDS prevention and provides healthcare and social support services for people living with HIV/AIDS.

In this, her sophomore novel, one learns that living a lie can result in devastating consequences. Discover what happens when Nathaniel Alexander, a rehabilitated drag queen, is shunned by his lover and decides to marry his best friend from high school. Finances force him to take a second job that ultimately leads him down a familiar path, one his wife chooses to ignore until his indiscretions hit too close to home. 

Read Excerpt from Chapter 9 of UnderCover.


Fire & Brimstone

Laurinda's first novel, Fire & Brimstone, was originally a self-published title later acquired by Strebor Books International LLC and reprinted under that imprint.  Fire & Brimstone is a story of issues as it takes two controversial subjects and wraps them into one debatable topic by focusing the attention on two lesbians who possess conflicting views on what it means to be spiritual and religious.

In this modern urban drama, the reader goes on a realistic journey into the lives of two characters, Chris Desmereaux and Gayle Evans. A journey complete with lesbian parenting, physical and mental abuse, same-sex domestic violence, joy, sadness, pain, laughter, interracial dating, dating through the personal ads, welfare, rape, infidelity, intra-racial caste systems, and above all else, survival and real love.

Fire & Brimstone is broken down into two distinct parts. The first, entitled “Religion is for Those Who Are Afraid to Go to Hell,” delves deep into the circumstances that have influenced the main characters but not without exposing the hypocrisies often present in the African American church. Here the reader meets Chris Desmereaux, an unemployed, college-educated, single mother of two, who feels spirituality is what one carries within, not what you do for show on Sunday. On the other hand, Gayle Evans, Minister of Music in her church and Chris’s secret lover, sees nothing wrong with raising hell Monday through Saturday just as long as she repents for her sins during service on the Lord’s Day. And that is where the conflict begins.

In part two, “Spirituality is for Those Who Have Already Been There,” Chris begins her tumultuous journey of self-discovery, an account so dramatic that she comes close to losing everything she holds dear before discovering that the love she so desperately wanted was in the one place she never expected to find it. Part two is an exploration of self-destruction and what it takes to bounce back.

Written in a free-flowing, intelligible manner, readers of all sexes, ages, and ethnicities will find themselves comparing the novel’s characters to someone they know. Alternately set in Washington, D.C. and Memphis, TN, Fire & Brimstone is brazen, in-your-face fiction that “lays out the down-low of being black, Christian, and in love with women.”

Read Excerpt from Chapter 1 of Fire & Brimstone.

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