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Posted by Ariesrising , 05/22/2004, 23:22:54 Post Reply Top Forum

Hello again Big Fan. I looked into Ms. Adams chart and found it to be very interesting. Her north node is in Pisces, while the South node is in Virgo. These nodes are said to address last life times. I'm speculating in her last life time she may have been and extremist. And, this lifetime may bring less restrictions on herself. Even her mercury is in Leo, leading me to imagine her thoughts being very uplifting, however, with Venus in Mercury, she's pretty down to earth and use logic to understand anyone who say they love her. Quite charming, but, and, asset in pushing truth ahead. Once again I'm speculating at first glance she appears soft and mellow. but. With Leo/Sun Leo/rising, and Aries/moon, many may underestimate her, especially men! She feels like she has a profound interest in people, and Big Fan the way to her heart is following a path of knowledge that leads to her mind. At this time her fifth house is Sagittarius. This house represents gambling, hobbies, children, and, the under world. Their will be profound changes in this branch of her chart. Her dreams will "navigate" her future.



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