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Posted by Ariesrising , 05/21/2004, 22:18:58 Post Reply Top Forum

Hello, Big Fan. Stephanie Adams, and, her passion for Astrology is the reason I joined this site. I caught her interview on Dyke TV. A program shown on Free Speech TV. Looking in my ephemeris I see she is a Leo, and, has an Aries Moon. Since I don't know her time of birth I don't know her rising sign. You've stated her rising is also Aries. She's triple fire. It would be enlightening for me as Stephanie if we could exchange ideas. I'm glad to be aware of Ms. Adams. Perhaps because of her youth, and. mentality other Women of color will prescribe to her knowledge of the Zodiac. As for me ... I'm glad she's a thinking Woman of color! In my opinion she has the fire, the spirit, to expand the consciousness of many. I hope her beauty doesn't get in the way of her passion. By the way Big Fan what is your Astrological sign?



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