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Hello Lick, you wrote "I am femme." If you are a lesbian, butch, or feminine, you are still a Woman. I would be called a butch, however, I have to sometimes remind Women, I'm a Woman, and, I love being one of natures evolved species called Woman. Many women who are gay, act out so-called male tendencies. Many times to protect themselves from violent men. However, unfortunately, many Women want to be men, not knowing that they are going backwards, (in my opinion). Since you are born under the sign of Aries, the pioneer of the Zodiac, you may be an independent thinker, as, well as a leader.

In my experience Aries Sun signs are confident people, so much so sometimes to our detriment. I have an Aries rising, which means the Sun was rising in Aries when I entered the world from the red snow. We will listen to other people if mature, however, we may comment to ourselves what we really think about what is being said. If another threatens our world, or, we perceive such, the frequency of Mars will rage profusely. Mars rules your Sun sign Aries. I don't know if this would apply to you, but, in my youth I would leap without question. Even now, and, again, this may happen. Aries will go where others won't tread at times. We like helping the underdog. In physics this is known as a high potential always flowing into a low potential.

Of course you have a Moon sign, and, a rising sign which works together to identify our selves. You may be the quiet Aries whose strength comes through when your emotions are tested. On the other hand it's possible that you are extremely evolved. But, with a screename like yours, you feel very physical. Perhaps, you're very sexual, and, like expressing yourself in this manner. I'm just speculating. With Mars as the ruler of Aries that planet is associated with strife, warriors, etc. So, I can imagine how you may use your energy towards the South gate. Imagine what you could do if you turned that energy towards the North gate.

When you have an orgasm the power that flows from the South gate is empowering your partner. You are draining yourself, aging, yourself. Mars, is a lot of power to unleash under those circumstances. Use more caution in sharing your light.


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