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Hi Kit. I'm Ariesrising, and a Saggitarius/Sun. My Moon is Virgo. My passion is knowledge, and my allegiance is to truth. I use the science of Astrology to understand the electromagnetic fields potential. The planets create a Matrix, or, energy fields that manifest degrees of potential in twelve divisions of our lives. The potential can be measured from what are called aspects. Aspect is the term used to identify the different degrees between any two planets. These aspects produce different frequencies. These frequencies are absorbed by our magnetic fields which in turn effect our physical bodies.

These frequencies produce elements. Water, air, earth, and, fire. And, most importantly magnetism. Did you know that there are twelve jurors because there are twelve signs of the Zodiac. And, nine supreme court justices because Woman carries a child nine months. Astrology was called Zuudiakus at one time. The consciousness of nature. This constitution, (Astrology), is the spectrum of human behavior, and, human potential. Astrology defines the wavelengths, and, frequencies. She gives numbers their meanings.

She's, (the Zodiac), the cosmic macrocosm, the womb in the sky, while our reproduction systems are the microcosms of earth. We, Women manifest the mind of the Matrix. The cosmic library as above so below. Astrology was used to lay down the foundation in Washington, DC. Because you are Virgo with enough information about anything you have the strong power of reason. Do some research, and, see if Astrology can agree with you.


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