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The Woman of Color, has made a pact with darkness, and, in doing so our girl children are paying the price with their lives. We are so under valued that men of all races don't have a problem taking us out. I'm an atheist. If I must use the word "God" I prefer Mother, or, Navigator, I look to Woman, the Woman of Color, the Mother of civilization. The original navigator. The Black man, whom are our sons, and, on a deeper level, our daughters, without wombs are hell bent on destroying us. They have superseded their place in nature, and, superficially, exulted themselves to our status. They forget they are extensions of our thoughts, and, we used the science of alchemy to bring them to visible, physical. manifestation. I mean no disrespect to anyone who practices any religion. If I've offended anyone I apologize now. What are we thinking that we reproduce so much rage? A rage that turns on us even after so much tender loving care. Your sons are my sons, and, vice versa. Our daughters are complete replicates of ourselves. We must fight to arm their consciousness with light, but, we must first find that light for ourselves.



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