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Reverend Jacquelyn Holland
Pastor and Founder
UFC Liberation In Truth --
New Jersey

The Unity Fellowship Movement was founded, incorporated, and charted as a 501(C)(3) non-profit religious organization in 1985. The principal church, also known as the "Mother Church" is established in Los Angeles, California. Our founder, Bishop Carl Bean, envisioned spirituality as universal. The spiritual path is eternal and traveled by all.

Jacquelyn Holland joined the Unity Fellowship Movement in 1992 when she joined the Unity Fellowship church in Brooklyn, NY. A former member of Lavender Light: The Black and People of All Colors Lesbian and Gay Gospel Choir, she served two years as assistant pastor to the Rev. Zachary Jones. After being ordained a minister in the Unity Fellowship Movement in October 1994, Rev. Holland felt she should establish a new church to further spread the liberating message of God's love and acceptance of all. Liberation In Truth was born in April 1995.

Entering into third year, we will continue to build upon the foundation that we have laid. To address the needs of our growing congregation, we have expanded our ministries to include The Open Door [for young adults 25 and under]and the Young People's Church [for children and teenagers]. We are dedicated to community outreach and sharing the joy of God's love in New Jersey.

Liberation In Truth - Our Mission

Liberation In Truth Unity Fellowship Church is a space that is spiritually affirming to the Lesbian and Gay Community and indeed to all people. We believe that all people have access to the love of God.

We believe that in order to practice LOVE we must be involved in the affairs of society, fight for social justice, and provide for all according to their need Therefore, we are committed to:

Our Belief

Our belief, as part of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement, is adapted from theologies like Liberation Theology. Our theology is a theology that frees the oppressed. Therefore, Unity Fellowship Church Movement:

God is . . .

God is Love and Love is for Everyone

God is greater than any religion, denomination or school of thought.

God is spirit, alive and at work in the Moslem Mosque, Jewish Synagogue, Christian Church, and Tribal Ritual.

God is spirit and spirit has no gender.

God is omnipresent, present everywhere

Source: http://www.litufc.org


Worship Service
Sundays 3:30PM
Trinity & St. Philips Cathedral
608 Broad Street
Newark, New Jersey
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 200434
Riverfront Plaza Stations
Newark, New Jersey 07102-0308