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Nadine Smith
Executive Director
Equality Florida

Nadine is one of the most accomplished and widely recognized activists in today’s lesbian and gay movement.  She has been the Executive Director of Equality Florida since its inception in 1997, for which she also serves as a legislative lobbyist, living in Tallahassee during session.  Nadine was Co-Chair of the 1993 March on Washington, for which her responsibilities included organizing a media-team that coordinated both mainstream and GLBT media coverage on a national and international level.  Nadine is also the national Chairwoman for the Federation of Statewide Organizations.

Nadine was the first openly lesbian African-American to run for Tampa’s City Council, for which she garnered 42% of the vote in the 1991 campaign.  In 1995, Nadine served as Campaign Manager for Citizens for a Fair Tampa, a successful effort to prevent the repeal of the city’s human rights ordinance, which included sexual orientation.

A former award-winning journalist, Nadine writes a syndicated column for various gay publications, and has been published in Essence and Self-Esteem Magazine. 

Nadine’s numerous contributions to the GLBT community have been nationally recognized by organizations including:  National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Human Rights Campaign, Human Rights Task Force of Florida, National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) and the National Black Lesbian and Gay Leadership Forum.  She has appeared as a guest on the Donahue talk show, and has had speaking engagements at numerous national civil rights conferences.

About Equality Florida

Advocate, Educate and Mobilize

First, Equality Florida provides technical support to local groups, government agencies, private business and corporations. Equality Florida also offers information and training on fundraising strategies, ordinance and policy drafting, campaign planning, community outreach, youth support and workplace diversity, as well as, updates and interpretations on laws affecting the GLBT and supportive community.

Second, we mobilize tens of thousands of voters in support of equal rights legislation. We register voters, publicize candidates' positions on equal rights and educate elected officials on issues vital to our community.

Third, we monitor and respond to unfair or biased media coverage and actively educate journalists.

Finally, through our lobbying team in Tallahassee, we provide a voice and a face for the GLBT and supportive community at the state capitol.


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