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Alexis P. Suter

Singer Alexis P. Suter is a critical favorite in the house community. Her strong vocal presence has powered records like "Slam Me Baby" into classic status. Alexis now records primarily for Hipbone Records, who have released her most recent singles including the much-charted "All Night Long" and "You Don't Know." In between sessions, Suter keeps a busy schedule as a member of the Lavender Light Gospel Choir.

Source: www.bigmouthgirl.net/alexis/

Music:  "You Don't Know"
"All Night Long"



David Steele of the Sugar Daddy

David is: Libra with Scorpio rising and Aquarian moon

Drives: 1970 mustang

Occupation: writer/musician

Favorite Movie: A Fish Called Wanda

Fetish: spankings, fishnets

Turnoffs: pretentiousness

Hobbies: guitars, cigars

Ending comment: “which one of you girls want me to hold ya, which one of you girls want me to kiss ya, which one of you girls want me to...”

The Sugar Daddys are a genderFuck troupe of 7 rock star, leather slappin', big papa, fag glamour Drag Kings and 4 diva-licious Sugar Babies.

Source:  http://www.thesugardaddyshow.com/main.html

Dee Trayn and Pink Trasy

Dee Trayn and Pink Trasy have been taking the world by storm for about a year now. This comedy drag duo have performed everything from Joan Jet,Salt N' Pepa to Hill bilies and Milli Vanilli. They cover all genre and for them the crazier the better and they go through at least two to three costume changes in one song.

They were filmed for a Judith Halberstam documentary on drag kings. Dee and Pink are both native New Yorkers and started there act performing at amateur night at The Murry Hill and Penny Show on the L.E.S (lower east side). After winning several amateur nights in a row they decided to take their show on the road and proceeded to perform at "Joe's Public Theater" with Marga Gomez and at other various night clubs like the "Slipper Room" and "Siren".

Dee Trayn does also perform solo as "Belvis" the Black Elvis and music greats Lenny Kravitz and Clarence Carter, Dr. Dre, Louie Armtrong and Stevie Wonder. And soon to be aired this fall on MTV who did a segment on drag kings.

So keep your eyes peeled for this crazy duo with comedy style and sexapeal.

Source:  http://www.thekingsnyc.com/deetrayn.html


Harry Krishna

Harry Krishna Was Born and raised In NYC, He's Been Performing In Drag On and Off Over 3 Years. He's Also has been Featured In An Article In Marie Claire UK Talking About Living two Lives, By Day A corporate 9-5er And by Night a Performer, His First Big Break Was Performing At Club Casanova in A Drag Contest then Later Went Off to Perform In DC At Club Chaos Winning First place In A drag Off ( Drag Contest) as well as Appearing at IDKE In Columbus Ohio. He Likes To Think Of Himself As A Shy Feminine Guy. Who Loves To Perform And Create Pure Drama For The Audience.

He's Altar Ego Is Krishna Who Is A professional Dancer, As Well as an aspiring Actress, Who's Done Work on Sex and the city( HBO) , Strangers with Candy ( Comedy Central) The Rupaul Show (VH-1) and Worked With Wyclef Jean.
Harry Krishna Takes Dragging As One More Way To express Sex Appeal , Art, Creativity ,DANCE and a chance To Express His Feminine Side as Well As His Masculine Side, That's Why he chooses Characters that have That Border Line Female/male Persona's.

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