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Kylar W. Broadus
State Legislative Manager and Staff Counsel for HRC

Kylar W. Broadus joined the Human Rights Campaign in January 2002. His responsibilities include working with the regional field organizers and state groups to identify and prioritize key legislation. He also works with the education and legal departments on state action pages, which include each state's priority legislation, statewide advocacy group contacts, state and federally elected officials, state laws affecting GLBT issues, work that HRC has done in partnership with statewide advocacy groups and census data. In addition to this responsibility, Broadus will be working on the HRC Equality Fund grant program.

Prior to joining HRC, Broadus was an assistant professor of business law at Lincoln University, a Historically Black College since 1991. Broadus also ran a general law practice in Columbia, Mo. His practice included criminal law, family law, juvenile law, business law and estate planning. His firm did pro bono work on GLBT issues as well. He currently serves on the board of the National Stonewall Democrats, and he served as the interim secretary from January to May 2001. He maintains a residence in Missouri and serves as a Human Rights Commissioner in the City of Columbia, Mo. He also serves on the board of the statewide GLBT advocacy group, PROMO: For the Personal Rights of Missourians. Broadus worked for State Farm Insurance Companies from 1989 to 1997.

Kylar is on the board of the National Stonewall Democrats and PROMO:Personal Rights of Missourians, Missouri's statewide glbt advocacy group. Currently, he is on administrative leave from Lincoln University in Jefferson City Missouri where he is an assistant professor. Kylar graduated with his J.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law in 1988.

Kylar also serves as the People of Color Committee Liaison for the 2003 True-Spirit Conference to be held February 14-17 in Washington, DC. 

Contact:  poc@true-spirit.org
Source:  http://www.true-spirit.org/basics/02staff.htm#poc


True Spirit Conference

February 14-17, 2003

TSC Mission & 2003 Staff Vision

The American Boyz is pleased to announce that the 7th annual True Spirit Conference is going to be held from February 14-17, 2003 at The Washington Court Hotel in Washington, DC.  This four-day event will focus on the political, health, spiritual, legal, and relationship issues affecting individuals on the female-to-male (FTM/trans) spectrum.

The goal of the entire staff is to provide a conference from which every attendees will be able to find substantive information on the health, social, relationship, spiritual, legal and identity issues we face.   This year’s theme, "Masculinity: The Magical Mystery Tour," stresses the conference’s focus on the trans experience in its entirety, from multiple identities, to early, long-term, and non-transition issues, and negotiating current and new relationships.  We hope to do this by offering programming that is innovative and interactive.  We welcome any suggestions you may have on how to raise our own standards for content and quality.

Here you will find all the information you will need to know about the conference.  The website is going to be updated regularly, so be sure to check it periodically for new information about TSC.

Our section of “Frequently Asked Questions” also provides answers and explanations to some of the things we are most often asked, as well as addresses some of the issues arising from last year’s conference.

Please note that this year we will be holding the conference in a new hotel, The Washington Court.  We are extremely pleased to have relocated to this hotel, as their meeting space will allow us to offer more workshops in a better space, as well as provide multiple spaces for larger gatherings.  Another important benefit is that this location offers nicer rooms and is located just two blocks from Union Station, which provides  Metro and Amtrak access into the District of Columbia.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to ensure that the conference provides for your needs and interests, by making a suggestion to the appropriate staff member, submitting a workshop proposal or film, or volunteering while at the conference.  Please take advantage of them, as True Spirit is a conference driven specifically by the needs of the community by members of the FtM/trans+, friends, families, and allied communities.

Kylar Broadus, FTM Stonewall Democrat, on Al Gore, the Democratic Party, and the GLBT community

Kylar Broadus, is a transactivist who serves on the National Stonewall Democrats Board of Directors. Kylar is also an attorney and a professor at Lincoln University, a black college in Missouri. Kylar talked with us about how GLBT people fit into the democratic party, and the importance of GLBT support for Gore and Lieberman.
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