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Jacqueline (Jackie) Anderson
Chicago Activist & Educator
(Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame Inductee 1996)

A doer who does not boast about the good work she has done for lesbian and gay Chicagoans, Jacqueline Anderson has told others that she loves what she does--perhaps the secret of her lasting contributions.

Anderson is an educator and, since February 1975, has been an assistant professor of humanities and philosophy at Olive-Harvey College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago, where she has twice served as department chairperson. Through her publications, she has contributed to academic discussion about lesbianism and feminism, publishing in such journals as Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. She has jointly coordinated the Olive-Harvey College Women’s Center since 1990 and has been highly involved in the college’s Faculty Council.

Anderson has also been a steadfast volunteer in the gay and lesbian community. She helped to establish a Lesbian Community Cancer Project clinic on Chicago’s South Side. Her leadership of the Yahimba organization has resulted in at least two citywide conferences specifically addressing needs of African American lesbians. She has been a supporter of the Institute of Lesbian Studies, the Mountain Moving Coffee House, and Gerber/Hart Library.

Anderson is described by other activists as one of their role models and is credited with helping to pave the way for many gay and lesbian individuals to heightened self-esteem and community empowerment.