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Evelyn C. White

Evelyn is the author of The Black Women's Health Book: Speaking for Ourselves (Seal Press, 1995) and Chain Chain Change: For Black Women in Abusive Relationships (Seal Press, 1994), and she is the co-author of the photography book The African Americans (Viking, 1993). Evelyn participated as a consultant in the Brazil-US Women's Exchange in 1997 and she is the official biographer of Alice Walker.  A Visiting Scholar at Oaklandās Mills College, White has also written on Black women and their relationship to the wilderness.

Articles By
Evelyn C. White

Evelyn C. White participated as a consultant on a project about Benedita da Silva,
the first Afro-Brazilian woman to be elected to Brazil's senate

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THE POET AND THE RAPPER. (rap singer Queen Latifah; author/political activist Nikki Giovanni) (Interview)
Essence May, 1999

"Alice Walker: On Finding Your Bliss"
Interview by Evelyn C. White

(This conversation is reprinted from a interview originally printed in Ms. Magazine in September/October 1999.)

Mirror Images
By Evelyn C. White
January 1999