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Denise Simmons
Cambridge City Councilor

E. DENISE SIMMONS, a native Cantabrigian and committed public servant, is Cambridge City Councilor.  Prior to attaining public office. Denise served for 12 years as Executive Director of the Civic Unity Committee, the first citizen rights organization funded by the City.

Ms. Simmons grew up in the city's industrial neighborhood and attended Cambridge schools. She received a B.S. in Sociology from University of Massachusetts at Boston. A believer in lifelong learning and self improvement, Denise continued her education and received a Masters degree in Psychotherapy from Antioch College. An accomplished woman, Denise owns Cambridgeport Insurance Agency which she established in 1982, is a Justice of the Peace and a Notary Public. A photo archivist and family historian, she has facilitated workshops for public and private organizations both nationally and locally including the Cambridge Public Schools. As a member of the School Committee, Ms. Simmons' theme is "Every Child is a Promise", which for Ms. Simmons means each child should be provided with the education and resources to become a productive member of society. Ms. Simmons believes that learning is lifelong.

Ms. Simmons has received numerous awards and commendations for her work in the community. Her greatest accomplishment, however, is her family. She is the mother of four - the late Anthony, Jada Danielle, N. Denise, and Atieno P. Simmons and her granddaughter Azianna Denise Simmons.

Source:  http://www.denisesimmons.org/

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