Ayin Adams

"I live beyond that which the world tells me is probable and most likely to happen. With a positive attitude of gratitude, nothing can get in the way of my forward movement. My life is one of growth, expansion, and creative possibilities". -- Ayin Adams from We Cannot Live A Lie.

Dr. Ayin Adams is an international Metaphysician, poet, actress, playwright, and winner of the Pat Parker Memorial Poetry Prize and the Audre Lorde Memorial Prose Prize.

Ayin grew up in Brooklyn, New York where she studied acting in New York City appearing in films, stage and commercials and also traveling with stage productions. Ayin studied speech and theater at Lehman College in the Bronx, New York and received her Doctoral Degree at the University of Metaphysics.

Ayin is a practitioner of the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetic Touch Healing, a motivational inspirational speaker, inventor, award-winning poet, scriptwriter, songwriter, and filmmaker.

Ayin has recorded and released a series of meditation tapes of spiritual transformation and empowerment geared towards personal growth.

Ayin taught herself how to read and write and tie shoelaces at age two. By age five, she was writing her poems and posting them on colored construction paper, selling them on her street corner in Brooklyn, for twenty-five cents. With much success, she quickly increased her sales to fifty-cents as passersby enjoyed her writing and poetic flare.

Ayin's writing is tender, dynamic, stimulating and thought provoking, emotionally weaving through one emotion to the next, leaving her readers astonished.

Ayin's most recent achievements are the completion of "SPARE CHANGE", on the a docudrama short film on the subject of homelessness, slated for many domestic and international film festivals.

On Maui she has been part of the International Peace Poem Project, an effort to create the longest peace poem ever written to present to the United Nations.

Ayin is the 1998 "Pat Parker" memorial poetry-prize winner, and the 1999 "Audre Lorde" memorial prose-prize winner. Ayin has been published in the "Island Lesbian Connection" in Maui, Hawaii, "Poetic Voices of America" Spring 1999 edition, "Women In The Moon" publishing company, Bum Rush The Page: A Def Poetry Jam Publication by Three Rivers /Crown, as well as other magazines, books, and reviews around the world.

2000 Scholars of the 21st Century by the Biographical Centre at Cambridge England.

Nominated in 2000 as Poet of the Year, Ayin was inducted as an International Poet of Merit by The International Society of Poets.

Winner of the President's Award for Literary Excellence 2001 by the National Registry of Authors.

Grant participant at the Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Writer's Week held at Howard University July 2001.

Ayin is a member of "The Academy of American Poets", and "Maui Live Poet's Society", "Christian Writer's Guild", and the "Detroit Black Writer's Guild".

Ayin believes that everyone has the wherewithal to surpass oneself in life by suiting up, showing up, and following through.

Ayin M. Adams makes her home in the Hawaiian Island where she writes daily and enjoys the beauty and nature of paradise.



At times I feel like a cat

caught up in a tree.

Isolation and segregation

keeps me on the branch.

I shine like the night,

and am quick to leap

but I know not where to go.

My blackness is a perception

wherever and whenever I silently walk

others fear me, they say I am evil.

And so I sit, not knowing

whether to stay put

climb higher

or slip down

into the cold

lonely land of broken dreams

and homophobia.

Maybe if I don't move

life will go away

and leave me to my solitude

and sexuality, giving me time to think.

Startled by breezes blowing

and beckoning branches swaying

the moment of decision

demands an action

tighter and tighter I hold on!

Just as my grip loosens

I spring upwards,

not knowing where I may land

Until I feel the solid branch

between my gay and graceful

reaching arms.




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