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Atlanta Black Pride Report
By Jasmyne Cannick

I am back from Atlanta and feeling good. Wow! Atlanta's pride was so wonderful and the people...talk about southern hospitality. The board and staff of In the Life Atlanta (ITLA) were fabulous and put on a great pride filled with substance and not just parties, although there was no shortage of them.

PRIDE events inform, inspire
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) - Atlanta, GA, USA
... of the Sheraton Midtown Atlanta at Colony Square on Saturday afternoon quietly symbolized the weekend's mission statement for the city's 2004 Black Gay Pride. ... (read more at: http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/atlanta/0904/05blackgay.html)

Because it is a political year and Blacks and gays are being used as wedge issues, this year's community luncheon for ITLA discussed gay marriage on the local level (Georgia), the national level, and where we fit in. Participants included: 

Rev. Kathi Martin, Pastor – God, Self, and Neighbor Ministries,
Sandra Lawson, Georgians Against Discrimination, Steering Committee Member,
Mary Ann Adams, ZAMI Executive Director,
Craig Washington, Community Activist,
Darlene Hudson, ITLA Executive Director,
Jasmyne Cannick– Board Member, National Black Justice Coalition,
Brandon Broad – Constituency Outreach Coordinator/HBCU Program at HRC,
Michael Crawford - Associate Field Director at HRC,
Maressa Pendermon – Unity Fellowship Atlanta Church

The Keynote Speaker was Georgia State Representative Alisha Thomas Morgan.  And when I tell you Rep. Morgan is a dynamite speaker, she was wonderful.  At 25, she's a State Representative for Georgia's Cobb County, and that in itself says a lot for folks from Georgia. She's black, a woman and supportive of our community.

The Sunday morning worship service was just what I needed before I headed back to Los Angeles. It was very good and the message was about Unity and [I] appreciated the messenger. It was one of the few things I did in Atlanta, not work related.

What else can I say? I had a good time and met a lot of great folks. There was a true sense of community all weekend and I was sorry I had to leave early.

But hey, back to work, right?

Happy Labor Day!



Me and Georgia State Representative Alisha Thomas Morgan

Also, the Kerry Campaign and the Democratic National Committee took the time out to come to pride and put on a wonderful panel discussion featuring: Ramon Gardenhire, Depity Director of the Democratic GLBT Desk, Mandy Carter, of NBJC and SONG, Rev. Kathi Martin, Pastor of God, Self, and Neighbor Ministries, and myself. It was a great discussion on how to move the Black community to vote this year in the election.


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