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Empress Book Party

"Love has no color, sex or reason. It’s just love..."

The book signing party for EMPRESSS, written by Playboy Centerfold & "Out" Lesbian Author Stephanie Adams was a great success. The party was held at Vela restaurant/lounge and ended up at Gallery night club in addition to an after party at the Roxy. The crowd was a gay, lesbian and straight, with a mix of people in the fashion, film and fiction industries.

"EMPRESS is about two powerful women who fall in love in ancient Rome and change the ways of the Roman government. The story goes beyond lesbians in love. It is very much symbolic of the present fight for gay rights and gay marriage as well as the continuous fight for religious freedom and racial equality." - Stephanie Adams

About Empress:  Never before has a book been written that depicts the life in ancient Rome from an intensely sapphic perspective. Never before has a book been written that tells the story of a woman’s journey to the highest rank of nobility in ancient Rome along with the love and devotion of another woman.

Two women fall in love during a time that was filled with volatility, and in a place that was filled with pure lust for power, pleasure, politics and passion. Were they living in a world before their time? Indeed. Would their world be ready for them? You’ll find out. Experience the many factual occurrences of ancient Rome combined with an excitingly radical, revolutionary fictional, controversial twist.

She is ready for you, but are you ready for her? Introducing…EMPRESS.

For more information, visit www.GODDESSY.com.

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