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"I like to work with family members of all ages and have the perspective of 'family systems', that what affects one has a 'ripple effect' for others." Mae Young, along with her husband Richard, took care of the needs of her son ADHD (diagnosed at the age of 5) and had to develop her parenting skills "bag of tricks". Mae works with couples to help them learn better communication skills and other techniques to increase the emotional intimacy needed to maintain a relationship. She works to create a friendly, supportive and fun environment in her practice, especially with children involved in family crises. He uses his sense of humor as a barometer. "If I can no longer laugh at myself or the situation, I know I'm in trouble."

It will work with individuals, couples and families in one-on-one sessions. The normal time is from 9: 00 to 18: 00, Monday to Friday. Evening and Saturday hours are also available by prior arrangement. For more information, ring 662-349-2148.

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