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PRTA Launches a New Online Project--Please Circulate

Hello Everyone.

Progressive Research & Training for Action (PRTA) promotes community-driven approaches to create opportunities for people who are stigmatized and oppressed because of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or economic status so that they may participate fully in society
The vision of the agency is to reduce homophobia and ableism in the health care and social services arenas by providing culturally competent Consultancy, Technical Assistance, Capacity Building Services. and Community-Driven Participatory Research Projects that promotes the full inclusion of persons with disabilities and the LGBT community.
In order to remain current and true to our mission and vision we need your help. The Staff & Board of Directors would like to hear from you on issues that impact the quality of your life, and that you believe are issues that are deserving more study. Our commitment is to developing projects that identifies the importance of bringing research to the level of service provision where information could best be utilized.
PRTA has developed a Community Forum Discussion Board on our website @ www.prtaonline.org . On this board you can post issues you are concerned about and you can also participate in moderated chat's on a variety of health and social services issues that you feel impacts the LGBT and persons with disabilities communities.
 Please visit the website and give us feedback on this new project. Let us know if the Community Forum Discussion Board  Is user friendly, suggest topics for discussion and if you are willing to volunteer to be a moderator.
It is our hope that this new Internet based project will continue to assist the Staff & Board of Directors of PRTA to build an organization that involves and empowers members of the LGBT and persons with disabilities communities.
Again, let us know how you feel about this new project, any kinks or ways of improving. Take care.
Brenda J. Crawford
Executive Director
Progressive Research & Training for Action
360 22nd Street Suite 688
Oakland, CA. 94612