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Black Lesbian Filmmaker Needs Your Assistance

I am currently a fourth year graduate film student in the Cinema/Television Program at the University of Southern California. While attending USC, I have developed my skills as a storyteller and my voice as a filmmaker. I am currently in the process of making a 581, which is a master thesis film. I was one of few selected in a very competitive process.

My master thesis film is called Triple Minority. Triple Minority is about a gay black woman named Clair, who wants to reconcile her relationship with her religious parents without compromising her identity. Clair's experience with coming out traumatizes her. She is ostracized from her family, her church, and her neighborhood. Clair is left alone to care for herself and struggles to find her identity.

I need your support to make Triple Minority a reality. I have done my research and the minimum budget required is $25,000. The cost of a roll of 400ft of 16mm color film is $144.76. This film requires 15 rolls of 16mm color film which will cost $2,171. The cost of development is $.085 a foot which in total will be $552.00. The cost to telecine (transfer film to video) is $160.00 an hour. There are other costs such as a production designer, crafts and services, a costume designer, a make-up artist, location rental, camera and lighting rentals, and many others. To raise money I am applying for grants, approaching small business, and asking for your support.

Triple Minority will make noise. This film creates a platform for individuals to begin to have conversations about homophobia, sexuality, and religion. Gay culture is becoming more popular in the mainstream and there are very few films of this caliber which address the needs of a diverse community. My goal for Triple Minority is to submit it to many different film festivals and cable channels including the Sundance Film Festival. Ultimately, I would like to develop this film into a full length independent movie.

Your donation will support a great film. You can feel wonderful about assisting a young up and coming black gay woman filmmaker accomplish her dreams. Also, you will receive special thanks with your name listed in the credits as a contributor. If you would like to make a donation, please place a check or a money order written out to Amber Sharp (write Triple Minority on the memo line of the check) in the envelope and mail it. Your donation will go into the movie's account and be used towards the film.

I really hope that you will choose to be a part of Triple Minority and help support history in the making. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 213-446-8444 or email .

Personal note: Amber is production assistant for Noah's Arc and a wonderful young lady. In an effort to continue the spirit of community I am sending her letter out to the community. If you can, please show her some love and support her project. If you can't financially, please drop her note and let her know that her efforts are appreciated.

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